駒場・和楽庵は、東京目黒は駒場 日本民藝館にほど近い場所にある小さな茶室です。


We Waraku-an is the teahouse close to central Tokyo. The tea master will warmly welcome you into the world of tea and offer you  a delightful moment with his tea and seasonal atmosphere. From Sado enthusiasts to beginner,
We hope you enjoy Japanese tea ceremony of Kobori-Enshu style and calm atmosphere.


Plans お茶を愉しむ様々なプラン


薄茶+干菓子 Usucha/Thin Tea

茶道をはじめて体験する方におすすめのプランです。薄茶と干菓子によるたいへん気軽なコースです。 所要時間30〜90分とお時間のない方にもおすすめ。 For guest who wish to experience the world of Sado.The tea master will serve a bowl of Usucha(‘thin tea’) and Japanese confectionery.

所要時間/Duration: 30-90mins.

for 2 or More/二名様以上5000JPY+Tax /each
for 1 Person/お一人様extra charge 20%

濃茶+主菓子 Koicha/Thick Tea

茶室で主菓子と濃茶でおもてなし致します。本格的な濃茶とともに、静かでくつろぎのひとときをお過ごしください。所要時間は45〜120分。The tea master will serve a bowl of Koicha(‘thick tea’) and Japanese sweet. Serving Koicha is one of most important part of Sado(Way of tea).


for 2 or More/二名様以上8000JPY+Tax /each
for 1 Person/お一人様extra charge 20%

薄茶+濃茶 Usucha and Koicha/Both

濃茶と薄茶を両方味わえるプランです。お茶の世界をじっくり堪能できます。Most popular plan in our several plans. You are able to try both Usucha and Koicha.


for 2 or More/二名様以上10000JPY+Tax /each
for 1 Person/お一人様extra charge 20%

All prices are tax excluded. A consumption tax rate is 8%(till end of Sep.) and will be 10% from 1st Oct.
The price for Usu-cha and Koi-cha is to be paid in advance. (Bank Transfer or Credit Card)

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